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logo-swirl-red-40x40Teacher Training

Tricia offers 3 types of teacher training, specializing in Hip Hop for ages 3-12:

  • Private In-Studio
  • Small-Medium Groups
  • Conference Presentations

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logo-swirl-red-40x40Custom Student Workshops

Host a customized student workshop at your studio!  Choose from a variety of styles, ability levels, and elements. Click for more details…

logo-swirl-red-40x40Teaching Tools

Everything you need to successfully implement a structured, progressive kids HIP HOP program at your studio…plus other helpful resources to inspire your creativity! Click for more details…

logo-swirl-red-40x40RHYTHM WORKS Integrative Dance Program

The RHYTHM WORKS Integrative Dance Program is for anyone who currently works with, or wishes to work with, clients diagnosed with Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, Sensory Integration Disorder, and more!  With neuroplasticity in mind, RHYTHM WORKS aims to provide a purposeful hip hop dance program for a multi-sensory experience both in the clinic and the studio! Click here for more information!

The Vision

logo-swirl-red-40x40Trish cover shot-cmyk-masked-j After being diagnosed with Lupus, and being forced to lessen her teaching workload, Tricia had to find a way to transfer her unique teaching method into something tangible that could be easily transferred to new teachers…the flashcard idea was born.  With the help of a couple of studio moms and the recording studio next door, the tedious journey began to turn an idea into reality.  Over a year later, Hip Hop In a Box was introduced to the dance community! In no time at all, word spread about the success teachers were having with the Hip Hop In a Box.  Today, over 3000 dance studios, academic schools, enrichment programs, therapy clinics, and summer programs use the suite of Dance – In a Box tools to unify, structure, and enhance their dance programs.  The tools have grown from 1 kit of 100 cards (Hip Hop In a Box) to also include an additional dance card kit (1-2-3 Dance), a structured & progressive Syllabus (Hip Hop Made Easy), a Coloring Book, a visual aids kit to aid in the teaching process, and the acclaimed Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Program…a client-centered, sensorimotor clinical dance program base on rhythm & dance for kids and adults with autism, down syndrome, ADHD, and other special needs and learning differences.

logo-swirl-red-40x40 Tricia’s unique teaching methods have landed her on the Dr. Phil Show and as the Head Judge of the TV show Dance Revolution. Her philosophy on teaching kids hip hop has made her the subject of many articles in dance magazines & blogs across the USA and Canada. Tricia has performed as a Laker Girl, as well as at Universal Studios Hollywood, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Disney (both at Disneyland, and abroad with Disneyfest Asia where she performed as a Mouseketeer).  Her choreography credits include: Saved By the Bell, the Laker Girls and many other NBA dance teams, and ABC’s Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade with Dance the Magic! Tricia is now a consultant for the Disney Performing Arts Program where she has the honor of working with dancers from around the world.

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Happy Clients

logo-swirl-purple-40x40valerie-photo“I bought the box at the dance life teacher conference and am loving it!  The parents are so impressed that the kids know the steps by name and practice them at home (these are 5 year olds).  It’s really amazing!  I also have zero hip hop skills so it’s a great tool!”

-Valerie Gunnels, Director, Live Love Dance

logo-swirl-green-40x40Megan-photo“I used to panic before [my kids hip hop classes] classes and now go into them excited to tell a new STORY! Thats right, one thing I love about [the cards] is you can do soo much with it! Here is what I did this Monday in my 4year old hh class…We used 5 cards that day 1. Train  2. Airplane  3. Gorilla  4. King Kong  5. Duck and Cover. I then came up with a rhyme/rap as we told this story while doing the moves… “I’ll take a TRAIN or maybe an AIRPLANE to see a GORILLA who’s name is KING KONG……DUCK AND COVER ….DUCK AND COVER.” (2 SETS OF 8)…Turned out perfect and the kids now learned the moves easily, had fun and remembered them because of the story that Dance In a Box allowed me to create!”

-Megan Mendoza, Instructor, Cheryl’s School of Dance

logo-swirl-yellow-40x40Molly-photo“Since using Hip Hop In A Box we have seen great improvement in our Hip Hop classes. The kids really love the steps and identify with the names of the steps very well! It has helped our teachers all get on the same page. They are all teaching the same steps and calling them the same thing, so when teachers change, the steps are consistent! The Hip Hop In A Box system has given us a Hip Hop curriculum across the board! We love it and continue to use it daily!”

-Molly Gilbert, Assistant Director, Mason Dance Center

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