Rhythm Works Integrative Dance teams up with National Dance Week and the Wingman Program!

BREAKING NEWS!!! We are beyond excited to team up with the National Dance Week Foundation and the Wingman Program to raise awareness of the benefits of dance for all, especially those with special needs and learning differences!

Children with special needs and learning differences are often excluded from traditional dance and arts programs.  It’s our collective mission to provide the education and tools necessary for teachers, students, and parents to effectively facilitate inclusion, giving all the “Chance to Dance!”  Join us in helping to make it happen!  #NDWChanceToDance #IHelpedMakeItHappen


From April 22-May 1, 2016 get your students and community involved!  Here’s how YOU can help make it happen:

  1. Proof 3C blue editPurchase the National Dance Week (NDW) event t-shirt.  A portion of the purchase price will go towards providing educational scholarships for dance teachers to become certified Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Instructors.  In addition, a portion of the purchase price will be donated to the Wingman Program to provide qualified teachers with the Wingman Program guide, tools, and activities to empower their students to accept and include participants of all abilities!  Click here to order your NDW t-shirt!
  2. Show your support! Organize a “wear you NDW t-shirt to class” day/week.  Remind everyone that the funds raised by the purchase of the NDW t-shirt will go to great causes to promote dance for all across the nation!  Encourage your coworkers, family, friends, students, and community to do the same!
  3. Learn the Dance Mob routine! Organize and participate in NDW’s Dance Mob wearing your NDW t-shirt.  This year’s dance focuses on performance and including people of all abilities!  It’s simple and fun, so get everyone you know involved.  Click here to view the routine (coming soon)!
    Here are a few ideas:

    • Have your dancers learn the Dance Mob routine and enrich their community by teaching it to students at local special education schools, organizations, and non-public schools!  Be sure to get it on video to upload to the NDW website!
    • Perform your Dance Mob routine (wearing your NDW t-shirt) at local events, malls, preschools, assisted living centers, and sports games!  Be sure to get it on video to upload to the NDW website!
    • Get the whole family involved!  NDW is for everyone, not just trained dancers!  Teach the routine to your entire family and video your living room performance…wearing your NDW t-shirt of course!  Be sure to post these performances to the NDW website too!


NDWF logo transparentNational Dance Week was formed in 1981 when a group of dance-related organizations began a strong “grass roots” movement to bring greater recognition to dance. National Dance Week Foundation was established as a non-profit institution in 2011. Over the years, the organization’s dedication to its founding mission has inspired thousands of events during the ten-day annual celebration of National Dance Week in April, from gatherings in major cities to local showcases at small-town malls. These reflect the unique and creative abilities of the individuals and organizations who participate in an array of events, including the annual Dance Mob and annual Kick for Kindness Campaign, celebrating dance in unlimited ways throughout the year.  Learn more at http://www.nationaldanceweek.org.


PrintDylan’s Wings of Change is a foundation dedicated to the memory of Dylan Hockley, one of the first grade victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting on December 14th, 2012. The foundation is devoted to children with autism with programs to ensure their opportunity to develop to their maximum potential through sports, the arts and technology.  The Wingman Program empowers participants with leadership and courage to break down barriers, go above and beyond for others, and create acceptance and empathy through a series of activities and rewards.  Donations to the foundation ensure the program guide and rewards items are provided to dance programs free of charge!  Learn more at http://www.dylanswingsofchange.org/#!wingman/cwod.


RhythmWorksLogo-rgbRWID is based on the world-renowned Hip Hop Made Easy Program currently offered in over 2100 schools and studios worldwide!  Founded on the principles of sensory processing, kinesiology, and behavioral analysis, RWID has re-imagined purposeful dance and its use in achieving developmental goals for kids with special needs and individual learning differences.  Through intensive 2 and 3-day instructor certification workshops, Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Instructors are well equipped with the knowledge and awareness needed to effectively implement inclusive and specialized dance classes.  Learn more at http://www.rhythmworksid.com.

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